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A colorful sunrise is occurring over the mountains. Dark pine trees are mid-photo and white snow is in the foreground.
The sweet life is all around us, from the glorious to the mundane.

A Few Dirt Paths

A Few Dirt Paths is about taking the trail less traveled, seeking adventure, and expanding your knowledge and expertise in the outdoors. It’s about enjoying the mountains, rivers, oceans, or wherever the path takes you. Whether you’re just beginning or experienced, hopefully, you’ll find something here that sparks your interest or teaches you something new. The point is to help you get outside and enjoy some adventures. We all belong in the outdoors, and there is nothing like taking the dirt path to a place filled with solitude and beauty that takes your breath away.

Authentic Outdoors Information

You will find information, advice, and reviews about all things outdoors. There is a lot of information out there, and sometimes it’s hard to know where it’s really coming from. A Few Dirt Paths is authentic. Anything discussed, reviewed, or recommended comes from personal experience or first-hand conversations with people legitimately getting out there and doing outdoor things.

A Whole Lot of Outdoor Topics

Whether you want to try hiking, backpacking or learn to shed hunt, we’ve got you covered. Or perhaps you’re looking for some winter exercise or just moved west and want to know how to deal with wildfire smoke? Whatever it may be that brings you here, please take some time to explore and hopefully learn something new. We do our best to provide information on various outdoor topics and continue to add new articles regularly.

Additionally, we should all be lifelong learners, especially when it comes to the outdoors. Please don’t be intimidated about getting outside if you’re new. Many people out there know a lot of things and are happy to help you learn. Also, if you think we’ve missed something or got something wrong, please let us know!